When switching on the machine the red light stays on.

1: Check the emergency stop button. The yellow ring on the back must be visible.

2: Check the input voltage of the machine, if the input voltage has come to invalid values the machine will not start operation.

3: If the emergency stop and voltage seems ok contact the support.

The machine stops sometimes during the milling process

For OFM only: Make sure that the door switch was not triggered as this may cause an emergency stop.

1: Check the machines program for debugging informations or check the log.dat file on the machine.

  • -BTB: means that the motor of the tool was overloaded or otherwise somehow has encountered an error
  • Check the mechanical load of the miller, or decrease the ammount of material that the machine has to remove in 1 layer.

  • Maximum Position Error: means that tone or more axis had a offset in the position that was too big.
  • Clean the machine, or if the position is "random" contact the support.

  • Limit Switch not found: one or more axis did not reach the home position switch within the timeperiode.
  • Check if nothing prevent the machine to reach the home position, or check for other errors that cause the machine to reset. In that case contact the support.