About Us

Company History

1990: TRL was founded as an engineering office for mechanical and software engineering. Mainly providing solutions for computer-aided manufacturing machines in the shoe industry sector.

1994: A solution for computer numerical controlled manufacturing of shoe lasts was developed, where the last was split in two halves where the hinge is mounted, so that after assembly the shoe last was completely CNC machined in a high accuracy.

1995: TRL could now offer the complete product range from CNC-digitizing machines and CNC-milling machines for shoe last development and production.

1998: Own production of CNC-last milling machines in the company location in Pirmasens.

2000: Relocation to the new company building in Lemberg to meet the steadily growing demand on CNC-last milling machines.

2002: Introduction of the TPM machine which could produce two different pairs of shoe lasts at the same time, with a cycle time to finish the lasts of only 2min.

2003: TRL CNC-last milling machines are being used all around the world every day.


2019: The LM-01 machine was introduced. Optimized for orthopedic shoe lasts and other shoe lasts with difficult shapes. Very compact design.

2020: The LM-02 machine was introduced being able to produce a completely finished pair of shoe lasts in one cycle.

2022: The LM-01 MAX machine was introduced being able to produce not only shoelast models in any size but also larger shapes for orthopedic models. Maximum model size 1000mm height, 500mm wide.

2023: The LM-01 R machine was introduced. Similar size as LM-01 but with a strong miller motor and big cutter head for roughing of raw wood or plastic blocks.

2024: The LM-02 (new) is availabe. Ultra high speed cnc last milling machine with impeccable surface quality. Able to mill two individual, different, shoe lasts at the same time within just 3 minutes.